spolecna3The long-term gathering of know-how in the field of manufacturing and processing recycled rubber for the use in the fields of acoustic insulations, industry and building industry, transport of materials and construction of sport facilities stands behind the success of the company. Since its foundation, INTERTECH PLUS has been committed to find solutions to general problems connected with undesirable noise and to develop products increasing the quality of our lives. By using modern technologies and constant development and improvement of manufacturing procedures, we have the best prerequisites to produce products made of rubber fibres and granules with unique versatility in use. We continue investing in the development of new materials and searching innovative solutions using environmentally friendly methods of manufacture with low negative impact on the environment.

Rail transport and transport networks

Close cooperation with teams of specialists dealing with rail transport contributed to the development of special anti-vibration mats, rail absorbers and noise protection walls which help eliminate the noise transmitted from train carriage units on surface and underground lines. They can be used under gravel or concrete ballast beds or for specially adapted systems designed for the installation on rails.

Industry and building industry

INTERTECH PLUS offers a product series range of CONIRAP anti-vibration mats that contribute to the improvement of the environment, working conditions of employees and significantly extend the lifetime of machines and building structures. Conirap anti-vibration mats are designed as an inseparable part of industrial equipment, such as moulding machines, compressors, and machine tools as well as equipment with high precision and sensitivity. Our company has been a leader in the field of supplying insulation materials for constructions of new multipurpose buildings for many years. Thanks to the wide offer of products, where the top manufacturing quality is ensured, we are able to offer a lot of solutions for noise elimination of problematic parts of buildings.

Sports grounds and playgrounds

Since the beginning of our work in the field of development of surface materials for children’s playgrounds we have dealt with questions of maximum elimination of any possibility for injuries at children’s playgrounds. This is the reason why we have developed special rubber boards which meet the strict requirements of the EN 1177 safety standard. Thanks to its properties, this product is not only suitable as a surface of children’s playgrounds, but also as a surface of multi-purpose sports grounds, including fitness centres.

House and garden

We offer a range of products for the use in common life, such as interlocking paving made of recycled rubber which is friendlier to human joint system than typical concrete paving thanks to its properties. Lawn mowing will also be a bit easier if rubber garden kerbs are used. Last but not least, we also produce mats for the use under household and equipment (washing machines, dryers, heat pumps and air-conditioning units) which absorb noise and vibrations, thus preventing the transmission of these undesirable effects to rooms and walls of apartments or houses.

Jiří Czepa

Company Director