Using its own manufacturing formulas and modern technologies, INTERTECH PLUS has created the product series of CONIRAP anti-vibration mats which is protected by the same trademark. CONIRAP mats are installed to reduced harmful effects of vibrations and noise which are potential effects caused by the operation of machine equipment, public transport etc. Produced vibrations can be significantly eliminated by using products from the series of CONIRAP anti-vibration mats which can be used for low and high static and dynamic loads.

Vibrations and structural noise can lead to substantial problems in buildings or while working on machines. Both the phenomena can be reduced directly at the source. If it is impossible to prevent the generation of structural noise at the existing source of vibrations, this source has to be strictly separated from surrounding structures, which is usually performed by flexible seating. The absorption of vibrations and the reduction of noise results in better working conditions at the workplace and also in prolonging the lifetime and reliability of machines.

To achieve required parameters of static and dynamic stiffness, we use rubber fibres and granulate for the production of anti-vibration mats. Both the materials have unique characteristics in the field of acoustics. All that is conducted in strict compliance with certification procedures and measurements which are performed in five independent laboratories. These laboratories provide perfect overview of the parameters of products, thus contributing to further development of new materials and their placement on the market.

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  4. ITC Zlín
  5. CSI Zlín

Material characteristics

  • Wide range of loads
  • Long-term preservation of declared characteristics
  • Resistance against slightly aggressive substances
  • Water-permeable, anti-freeze product

Environment protection from sources of vibrations and noise

  • Rail transport carriages
  • Machine tools
  • Moulding machines and hydraulic equipment
  • Compressors
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Ventilation machinery
  • Diesel generating units
  • Combined heat and power generation units
  • Heat pumps
  • Elevator hatchways
  • Machine rooms
  • Precast staircases and escalators
  • Theatre and scene machinery  logo_conirap_pruhledne pozadi