Flexible seating prevents the transmission of vibrations from machine equipment which emit noise and vibrations by their shaking, revolutions and impacts, especially in heavy industry (hammering machines, pressing machines), engineering industry, power production plants, air-conditioning equipment etc.

For flexible seating of this equipment, a foundation bed fitted with a CONIRAP anti-vibration mat and covered with a separation foil is necessary. All of this forms an underlying surface of the reinforced-concrete foundation which is adapted for anchoring the equipment itself.

CONIRAP anti-vibration mats can also be used for insulating vibrations from external effects acting on devices and equipment with high sensitivity to shakes. The equipment requiring higher protection against vibrations includes precise CNC machines, laser devices, radiologic centres and others. Flexible seating of this equipment is solved by the system of flexible foundation with the use of CONIRAP anti-vibration mats. These square-shaped composites are stacked on each other to the required thickness according to the calculation. The calculation is performed on the bases of supplied information about the type of the equipment, total load, its gravity centre, frequency levels arising from the surrounding and requested vibration elimination.

All the vertical side walls are covered with a specific type of CONIRAP anti-vibration mat. The extension joint of vertical layers is sealed to be water-tight by a PU binder.


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