Jedním z mnoha produktů společnosti INTERTECH plus s.r.o. je dopadová plocha pro dětská hřiště s názvem CONIMA

One of many products of INTERTECH plus s.r.o. is the impact area for children’s playgrounds called CONIMAT SAFE. The material is sanitary healthy, it does not stress the joint system, it is resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions, it is elastic, permeable for water, anti-freezing, anti-skidd and it has a long lifetime. CONIMAT safe is certified and attested according to ČSN EN 1177 for safe fall height of HIC 2.0 m. CONIMAT SAFE mats in combination with STERED bearing plates are put on a gravel bed. Basic colours of CONIMAT safe are black, red and green.

  • Absorbs impacts
  • Water permeability
  • Resistance to weather conditions
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Sanitary healthy (it does not contain lindane, formaldehyde, PCB)
  • Resistance against aggressive substances and chemicals
  • Long-term preservation of properties in the range of temperatures from -40 to +110°C
  • Resistant to UV radiation