As the name suggest, the training is performed in the open air – in a park, on a terrace, in playgrounds, street – everywhere, where parallel and horizontal bars exist. In addition to strength, street workout also develops stamina, flexibility and complete physical fitness. As a base of workout playgrounds we choose a concrete slab which is covered with the CONIFIT CROSS rubber surface, and then equip with a STEET WORKOUT structure with bars.

Thanks to our CONIFIT CROSS rubber surface you, do not have to exercise in mud and pads. The rubber surface has a great anti-skid characteristics even under wet condition.

  • Resistance against squeezing by sharp parts of training equipment
  • Sanitary healthy
  • Positive evaluation by orthopaedists (lower stress on joints)
  • Absorption of noise and impacts
  • Reliable floor protection against damage (even of the existing flooring)
  • Point elasticity
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Easy installation
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dust-free

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