CrossFit is a functional training strengthening the whole body, combining gymnastics, speed and power training. The CONIFIT cross surface is characterized by high resistance against extreme stress during the power training, including the falls of bar-bells, and at the same time it provides comfortable surface to sportsmen which is gentle to the joint system. The uniqueness of this sports surface is ensured in the production due to a special ratio of used materials and professional attitude of INTERRECH plus s.r.o., which is a holder of the ISO 9001 certificate.


  • Resistance against squeezing by sharp parts of gym equipment
  • Sanitary healthy
  • Positive evaluation by orthopaedists (lower stress on joints)
  • Absorption of noise and impacts
  • Reliable floor protection against damage (even of the existing flooring)
  • Point elasticity
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Easy installation
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dust-free

conifit cross oříznuté



ELASTICITY – perfect shape memory, inducing return impact energy

PROTECTION – impact absorption, mitigating the impact when a bar-bell and/or other sports equipment fall

ANTI-SKID FINISH – anti-skid characteristics of the floor surface ensure safe workout and prevent movement of the fitness machines

NOISE ABSORPTION – the absorption of noise and impacts