The Children and Youth Olympics 2017

The Children and Youth Olympics of the Czech Republic is a project of the Czech Olympic Committee and this year it returns to the South Moravian Region after 12 years. We are a partner of the South Moravian Region for the Children and Youth Olympiad 2017 and we invite all our customers and partners to this spectacular sporting event, which will take place from 24.6.2017 to 29.6.2017.

The Children and Youth Olympics evokes the atmosphere of authentic Olympic Games for young athletes who compete in regional representations in the categories of younger and older pupil. Of course, there are Olympic oaths, coexistence in the Olympic Village and the imflammation of the Olympic Fire.

This year, they will compete in 22 sports and one artistic (short film and video). The competition will be thru all Brno city, as the Olympic House will serve the building of the Faculty of Business, VUT, which is located directly in the Olympic Village.

Ambassadors of this year’s the Children and Youth Olympics: Filip Ospalý, Ivana Večeřová, Veronika Mišková, Monika Míčková, Alžběta Dufková, Martin Čechman, Petr Minařík, Victor Teplý, Iveta Vacenovská a Jakub Tomeček.

For more information, visit the Children and Youth Olympics website.